It’s easy to blame the media for failing us and succumbing to greed but that’s all that it is. Easy, not right. Not the truth. The truth is that we too are to blame in this deterioration of content across channels and therefore, we too must act if we are to put an end to this.


On Liking and Disliking

Here’s my hypothetical response to the question of “Why do you like/dislike something?”, something I came up with when this question was posed to me by my parents last week. I liked it enough to write it down and then thought of sharing it with y’all.


While being told that the choices you’re making are the wrong ones is something I’m intimately familiar with, it’s only when I heard of someone else facing the same that I found my impulsively writing that which follows…

So Was I Remembered

This is a poem that initially started of as something entirely different and try as I might I cannot chronicle what gave it its current form but then again, maybe I don’t need to. Let this serve as a reminder of the beauty of serendipity…