Originally posted on The Questive Wanderer:
Strolling down the grassland, exploring nature’s raw beauty I noticed a flower bud, little, but pretty? Inconspicuous though its location, yet extremely attractive It caught my attention, held me captive I decided to watch , as long as time permits It’s evolution through life, those subtle transits The tiny…


Surely you know it is almost always chance

Even though our mind likes to pretend otherwise


It’s easy to blame the media for failing us and succumbing to greed but that’s all that it is. Easy, not right. Not the truth. The truth is that we too are to blame in this deterioration of content across channels and therefore, we too must act if we are to put an end to this.

On Liking and Disliking

Here’s my hypothetical response to the question of “Why do you like/dislike something?”, something I came up with when this question was posed to me by my parents last week. I liked it enough to write it down and then thought of sharing it with y’all.

Clouds – A Haiku

Clouds fill up the sky Dark, yet refusing to rain The mind feels their weight My second haiku and I think I’m starting to get what really sets them apart. Looking forward to really diving into them.