And suddenly, death no longer means what it did.

The Questive Wanderer

Strolling down the grassland, exploring nature’s raw beauty

I noticed a flower bud, little, but pretty

Inconspicuous though its location, yet extremely attractive

It caught my attention, held me captive

I decided to watch , as long as time permits

It’s evolution through life, those subtle transits

The tiny green bud now was waking from its slumber

Gently peeking through, were delicate petals, lavender

Over days to come, she stretched out lazily

Bright slender petals fluttered against the wind happily

The sun shone across its being, made it shimmer

Dewdrops at dawn, moonlight, set to glimmer

I saw her through the harshest of sun and worst of breeze

Strong as ever she stood, “You’re invincible, ” I teased

She was so many colours inside, you’d miss if you didn’t care

With utmost subtlety and poise, her stance, she’d bear

But time came, the slender lavender could hold up no more

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