On Liking and Disliking

Here’s my hypothetical response to the question of “Why do you like/dislike something?”, something I came up with when this question was posed to me by my parents last week. I liked it enough to write it down and then thought of sharing it with y’all.

“Isn’t the entire point of liking and disliking to indicate a personal preference? To bring subjectivity into the discussion. For something that is used to ignore, replace or even serve (erroneously) as reasoning to be thought of and acknowledged as anything except subjective would be terribly inconvenient.

For if this was objective then this would no longer be an indication or expression of personal opinion and preference and you would no longer be actually liking or disliking anything because that thing would either be likable or dislikable. For you to go along with what it is would mean nothing at all as you would only be doing what is expected of you, as natural as breathing or eating and for you to go against it would then be stupid or indicative of some other mental shortcoming.

It is only because liking is subjective that I can like and so I like for no reason but because I can choose to like.”

I know that there is a lot more going on when it comes to liking and while I would like to get into it someday in the future, I do think that this is something that needed to be said.


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