Where does redemption truly lie and what does it truly cost?

The lone man walks like he carries within
Nothing less than the weight of the world
The weight was nought but the guilt inside
The price you paid when you refused to heed
The voice that tells you wrong from right
He craves relief from this burden of his
He’ll stop at nothing until he’s freed
He speaks to all who’ll hear his plea
Explains his plight and bears their scorn
They say he is doomed but that hope remains
He can still be saved for God can forgive
There are others who tell him there’s a different way
To embark on a journey to set right what he wronged
But he dreads the thought of facing the mistake
All he wants is his sin washed away
He sets out then on his search for God
For any place of worship that’ll take the weight off
He walks in and falls to his knees to surrender
Bows and begins to narrate his crime
He keeps nothing for God can see all
He waits once done to feel something change
For the weight to vanish so he can walk, free again
With his heart hammering, for long he waits
Though if you were to ask, he couldn’t say for what
He wasn’t naive to expect a voice from above
Or a shower of flowers, a ray of light
He tries but faith trickles out of his hands
For he gave his all yet he knows not to what
All he knows is he hasn’t found what he seeks
He struggles to his feet, fighting the weight
Rushes out and then rushes, his eyes shut tight
Bereft of hope and damned forever
He did what they said, he did surrender
Yet the weight sits right there in his chest
His blind flight brings him to a man who listens
Who listens and smiles like he has heard it before
He said there was a way to redeem himself
And that redemption alone would lift that weight
Our man now listened for he’d tried the other way
If this was all he had left, this was what he’d do
He turned back to finally face what he’d done
And through all that shame some pride did shine
For he never did ignore the guilt that he’d felt
And while setting right the wrongs wasn’t easy
He could finally feel that for which he’d knelt
The change inside, a sign of things to come
So for long did he toil, refusing to rest
When he was finally done, he knew it was time
The relief and joy poured out as tears
And each tear that fell carried away that weight
When the last drop fell, he sat back content
For when others had sought redemption in the skies
For sins to be absolved and then left behind
He’d forgiven himself and made amends
Returning and restoring the bridges he’d burnt
For the world might forgive and the guilt remain
Until you find in yourself the strength to accept
And to face what comes of the wrong
But the journey only comes to an end
With the strength to forgive and do what’s right
Redemption is to return as something better
And the only redeemer resides inside


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