Here’s what came of my musings on identity and our struggle with it. It also serves as the heart for an experiment with rhyme schemes.

All my life you told me, who I must be
I never bothered thinking about all I could be
For the longest time I agreed to be
The me that you wanted to see
I was afraid but you never did see
That the me I want, you’d refuse to see
And of what use was it to be
If the me I was, nobody would see
But being this me was getting to me
And I wanted to see who I could really be
When I turned to you in my search for me
The me that I found was the me you see
You thought that was the only me I could be
I ran from you because I could no longer be
The me that you wanted to see
I wandered, lost, in my search for a me
That, if not you, at least someone would see
But every me that someone sought to see
Was a me that I did not want to be
So I chose to cease to be
The nothingness I’d become, nobody could see
And that’s when I finally see
That if I could choose to be a me
That nobody could see
Then why not be a me that I wanted to be
A fool I was to think anyone needed to see
So I chose to be the me I wanted to be
Even if I was the only to see this me
For what use is it to be
Even if the whole world does see
If you are someone that you can’t see


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