So Was I Remembered

This is a poem that initially started of as something entirely different and try as I might I cannot chronicle what gave it its current form but then again, maybe I don’t need to. Let this serve as a reminder of the beauty of serendipity…
This poem of a man who did so much and yet, remembered for the one act that couldn’t be understood. So was I remembered…

I walk up onto this stage that awaits
The crowd is my audience, I needn’t wait
I’m the center of attention in no time
And in doing what I need to I waste no time
A riot rages on in this scene of mine
Stones fly, buses burn and people, they cry
Stones were flung with abandon, no care or thought given
The people though could see and untouched they remained
But a poor hapless bird was struck down by one
It struggled in vain as it crashed to the ground
It tried and tried but it could no longer fly
I rushed to its aid and took it into my hands
I could feel it fluttering, whining in despair
The first stone struck me then and I staggered
Then stone after stone followed and I fell down, ragged
It’s struggle grew more feeble as we waited
Our blood pooling together and drenching the road
The people, they broke into prompt applause
As they rained down praises upon my fallen form
I turned to them with pleading eyes
And was rewarded with only words and smiles
The stones however couldn’t fall forever
The crowd moved on as the mob died out
My scene faded away as I lay broken on that empty road
A new crowd now walked in to watch the flames die
As the clouds burst open and rain rushed down
The bird started shivering at the same time as me
And I knew of only one shelter with me
I bundled it within my tattered shirt
And began to walk to the nearest tree
But a city this was and trees far apart
And all gates were shut to those that looked this way
A vandal I appeared and appearances are all that matter
I walked through that storm to the awe of the crowd
They clapped and cheered and this went on
My feet failed me, my blood ran free
But I stumbled and crawled and made it to a tree
I reached inside, the bird was nearly still
Time was running out and the crowd growing thin
As they dwindled they chanted my name like a prayer
But soon there was none, just the echo of my name
The rain abated, it was the time of the setting sun
And I sat like a beggar to feed this bird of mine
Scraps were thrown my way and kind words spoken
A crowd formed around me, all solemn
They shed their tears, drowning me in pity
Oh, how they seemed to love me! What kind words they said…
I fed every last scrap to the bird but it was too late
My stomach roared with need but my heart was dead
The crowd seemed to sense the change in the air
It swelled all at once and they all stared
There were people from before and from before then
And my poor bird, it’s suffering stretched on
There could be no life now but where was death?
It’s agony is vivid in those eyes of its
The people watch, holding their breath
I know now what has to be done
The clouds burst open again just then
Nature itself cries for the funeral to be
Its beaks almost part in a wordless plea
I nod and the crowd steps in closer
All eyes on me as my hands start moving
And close around that tiny neck
There are gasps from the crowd and cries of shock
My hands twist and the crack carries
And a resounding roar answers that sound
I let the bird fall and it is finally still
It now knows a peace that this world denied
Darkness finally fell and there was no moon tonight
Darkness of all kinds, within hearts and minds
The air is thick with a thousand curses
From the people who’d almost called me God
There are snarls and growls as they descend upon me
And my limbs are brutally ripped apart
They decree me a monster for I’ve slain the innocent
They decree me beyond any hope of redemption
Their chant is now a call for justice
And they say justice is what’s being served now
The bird is crushed beneath the feet of the mass
And my body meets a similar fate
The stage comes crashing and the crowd walks out
And years down the line they often talk
Of the man who killed a bird that rainy night


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