The Road Ahead

After spending the better part of two days trying to figure out what my next post will be about I had a sudden realisation this morning.
Why not write about trying to write?
The truth is that the boundaries I’ve set for this blog are very loose and while it does give me a great deal of freedom (no way I’d be posting this otherwise), it also, paradoxically, constrains me.
When there’s nothing that I can’t write about, merely going through the things that I can write about becomes a task so large in scope that I immediately wish I had defined the limits of this blog better.
I won’t do that though. As endless as our minds is what this place is supposed to be and I accept wholeheartedly the challenge of sifting through every thought and idea in my mind to put it down here.
I’d always thought that this blog would be the natural home for my thoughts on everything but while trying to come up with something to write I noticed that many things that I wanted to write about were my interests and I was unsure if this blog was the right place for them.
Would anyone like to hear my views on the series finale of Hannibal? Do you want to know why phablets are the perfect fit for my hands?
I chose to not write on them and now I see that I was wrong. This is what the road ahead is then. This blog is mine and I’d like to have it represent all of me and that means there will be a place here for my interests and hobbies too. They’ll sit right beside my opinions, beliefs and musings like they do in my mind and that’s how it should be.
I realise that this place has been rather dormant of late and with my exams barely a fortnight away I won’t be able to be as regular as I’d like to be but I’m going to try. Not only am I going to write more, I’m going to write more frequently too.
There’ll be no more holding myself back, waiting to come up with something special. That’s not how life works, is it? I’ll find the extraordinary in the ordinary and that’s what will make it here.
So yes, you’ll be hearing a lot more frequently from me in the future and I’ll be writing on a diverse range of things. Expect no rhyme, no reason.
This is the musing libertine, until next time…


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