A Beginning

This isn’t the beginning. Details about that are vague when not scarce.
But this is a beginning nevertheless because something does begin out of nothing here and I appreciate your company, whether you’re reading this on day one or hundred.
This place is my corner of the internet and home to my thoughts on a variety of things as you’ll come to see. I’m not gonna set any limits on what this is going to be as I’d like it to grow into anything it does over time naturally.
Now, a word on the title: I’m fully aware of the negative connotations that the word “Libertine” carries and I do not use it up there just because it’s impressive (which it is. I have such an awesome title!). That’s what I truly believe myself to be and I look at the word to mean a freethinker, unrestrained by convention. Do I think too highly of myself? I’ll let you be the judge of that but if I were to earn that word, proud is what I’d be.
And the musing? I’ve always let my thoughts wander without fear and yes, it means what you think it does. There are things people would rather not think about but this is the place for those who do. Because there shouldn’t be anything we can’t think about. That’s what being endless is, being free of limits.
I hope to be here at least twice a month and we’ll talk about a ton of things. If you’ve got anything in mind, please do share it below in the comments.
We have a long way to go together and I hope that we get to grow and share. This is the musing libertine, signing off until next time.


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