By a Lake

I sat by a lake one evening Gazing as it played with the wind Still one moment, rippling the next One gust would send waves one way Another would set them running back Lapping the shore and jumping away And when gentle breezes graced it The lake would so shyly shimmer Until the next gust […]

Dripping Drops

Water drips down the bars of my window Comfortingly plopping into the sill Some drops form and drop right away While others leisurely take their time I take a closer look at one Watch it as it gently swells Catches the sun to glow, then shine For an instant, brilliant as a diamond As I […]


I stared out the window on a lazy afternoon At the branch of a tree just out of sight Long and twisted, it was on its last leaves Even the gentlest breeze stealing few more And so gently they fell, a frail brown and yellow Spotted with green in memory of spring Twirling down, first […]

Into the Blue Yonder

As the darkness of night gives way to light The moon fades away and the stars twinkle out The birds of dawn begin to take flight The horizon is lit up with a faint red glow Which bleeds into the sky, tinging the blue So slowly the glow begins to coalesce Turning molten as it […]